Elementary school teacher 'charges' students to use the bathroom

It's no surprise that so many people are lacking common sense--but a teacher! Take, for example, a teacher in Irving, Texas who "charges" her students when they want to go to the bahroom. I say "charges" because it's a system of rewards that the elementary school teacher uses, where she gives her students fake money as a way to reward them for good behavior. However, if they want to go to the bathroom during any other time of the day outside of their three recess periods, the kids have to "pay" 2 of those play dollars.

Well, recently, one of her second grade students couldn't contain himself and wet his pants after the teacher didn't let him go to the bathroom because he didn't have enough "funds" to pay for his bathroom break.


That sounds exactly like child abuse to me. Who in the world would think up something like this? I can't even begin to imagine the humiliation that this poor child must have experienced when he wet his pants in front of his whole class. And what's worse, just think how cruel kids at 7 years old can be!

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When the child's mom, Sonja Cross, found out what happened to her son when he got home later that day, she was LIVID--and with good reason. Cross has asked the teacher to stop disciplining her students that way and the school thankfully agrees with her, even though they decided not to punish her for this stupid mistake. (Cross is still pushing for the teacher to be suspended.)

Who knows how many other kids she's humiliated with this silly rewards system. Sometimes, when I find out about things like this, I ask myself what other scary things could a teacher like this be capable of?

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