Creepy dad uses provocative photos of his own daughter to sell cars online

Dads are generally seen as caretakers and (over)protectors of their daughters. I mean, who hasn't heard about the father who goes bonkers at the mere thought of his little girl dating? But what about the OTHER type of father? What do we mean? Well, I was a little in shock at a story about Kim Ridley, who is using his 20-year-old daughter's...err... youthful physique to sell his 1977 Datsun 280Z online.

The photograph for the Ebay posting shows his daughter Lexxa posing with the yellow sports car wearing a matching yellow tank top and ripped jeans while seductively "selling" the car. Now am I crazy or is this just very wrong?!


I'm lucky that my father has never been too overprotective and he's always been a gerat dad. But when I see dads like Kim's parading their daughters around like they're sex pots…it's REALLY creepy.

Gone are the days when dads used to call their daughters their little girls. Now they are willing to objectify their daughters for their own benefit and post it all over the internet. The images of Lexxa show her flaunting her breasts, tattoos, and even in her underwear. What is this dad doing peddling her like this!?

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The shameless dad has no regrets in using his daughter ."Girls and dogs attract people's attention," he told AdWeek's AdFreak. He claims to also use his Golden Retriever, Max, to sell his prized possessions and states that he sees nothing wrong in doing it. Kim knows that sex sells and even uses some of Lexxa's friends in his photo ops.

Um, ewwwww. Not only does he sound like a skeevy car salesman, but his daughter and her friends are a little off if they think this is normal. And where is Lexxa's mother in all of this?! Surely she would be outraged to know that her father is parading his daughter around for his own benefit.

At 20 years old, she's an adult and can make her own decisions, but the girl is putting her butt cheeks on display for her father and random men on the site. So much for this dad protecting his daughter from the perverts online!

But while this might be the eeriest behavior I've seen between a father and daughter, it sure has brought him success in selling his cars. I guess he found the strategy that helps him earn money, but I sure as heck wouldn't nominate him as Father of the Year!

Image via Ebay

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