4 Ways becoming a mom has changed me

I'd really like to be able to think of myself as a young, hip mamá. Though in saying that I feel kind of not young and not hip. Nevertheless, I'd probably get a decent ranking on the cool scale. But, looking back to the me of two or three years ago, a lot has changed. Four major--albeit shallow--things come to mind.

Here's how my little guy has changed me:


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1. I no longer wear high heels on a regular basis. I hate to admit it, but they're really not practical when you're lugging a 15-pound infant around. I miss them, I love them and I still wear them occasionally, but they're definitely not in the daily rotation.

2. I'm becoming crunchier. I've been fairly health and eco-conscious for awhile, and I'm definitely still a baby in the scheme of all things green, but chemicals are really freaking me out a lot more now that I'm responsible for another human being. I've started making my own laundry detergent and we actually just dropped our satellite TV service so that we can afford to buy more organic food.

3. I leave the house without makeup. And, I do it often. I don't necessarily think that I look bad without makeup, but I've always had so much fun with it, that I would spend time creating the perfect "face" before I went to work each day. Those days are a thing of the past. I might--might--remember to slap some on while sitting at a stop light, but unless I plan way ahead, I'm au naturel.

4. My priorities have changed. I've always been a go-getter. For most of my life I thought that having a great career, making a lot of money, and buying a house were the most important things in life. I'd stay late at work without a second thought, work three jobs simultaneously--whatever I needed to do to make something of myself. I still think all of those things are important, but my top priority is no longer all about me, it's to make a happy home for my little family--even if it is in a tiny apartment.

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