10 weird Latino celebrity baby names! (PHOTOS)

Finally! Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar have officially revealed the name of their baby boy. After welcoming their second child in September, the Puerto Rican actor and his wife managed to keep mum on the child's name for months. But this week, they were finally ready to disclose their new son's moniker and according to Gellar's rep, they chose….

Rocky James! Hmm…does this mean they're hoping he will grow up to be a super star athlete? Though they didn't comment on why they picked that particular first name, James is Prinze Jr.'s middle name as well. Aww! Well personally, I'm just glad to see that they chose something relatively normal, considering how, uhh, untraditional some celebrities go with their baby names.

Below, check out 10 other of our favorite parents who went with more unique names for their kids:  

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