Hilarious kids give their take on what Thanksgiving's really about! (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving holds a lot of various meanings for different people, but what does it really mean to kids? Parenting.com took to the street find out, interviewing kids on what they are most thankful for this year, what their traditions are and why we celebrate the holidays. And while some of their answers weren't exactly accurate (did you know dinosaurs were at the very first Thanksgiving?), they are sure to make you laugh.  


When asked what they are most thankful for, most kids knew just what to say. "That my mommy loves me," one girl adorably responded. "I'm thankful that people that are safe after the hurricane," another mature child said.

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But when it came to explaining to what Thanksgiving actually is, things got a little more confusing. "It's a Jewish holiday," one girl replied while another perplexed little boy claimed that dinosaurs were present at the first ever Thanksgiving dinner.

And what about the food they eat for the holiday? It seemed like the children were pretty unclear about that too. "Books!" a boy said proudly.  Hmm, I don't know about you, but books aren't normally among the long list of items on the dinner table at my house. Still, you gotta love these kids for trying!

Check out  the whole super funny video here:

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