Heroic mother sacrifices own life to save son from oncoming truck

In case anyone had any doubts that mothers are the biggest heroes of them all, the story of British mother Dawn Graves will prove them wrong. In an astoundingly selfless and courageous move, Graves sacrificed her own life to save her 20-month-old son from being hit by an oncoming sanitation truck.


The brave 25-year-old mom was adjusting her bag as she stepped off the curb with the stroller. When she saw the truck, she shoved the stroller out of the way before falling to the ground. Tragically, Graves died after sustaining massive injuries--but her death wasn't in vain. Her brave actions saved her son, Aidan, who was taken to the hospital with only minor head wounds, as the Huffington Post reports.

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Though tests later revealed that the mirror on the truck wasn't properly aligned, reports the UK Daily Mail, thus hindering the driver's vision, the incident was ruled an accident. Graves leaves behind a fiancée and two other children--a stepdaughter and a daughter.

What an incredibly heartbreaking story. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how torn her family must be, dealing with both feelings of relief that the little boy is okay and grief over the loss of their loved one. I hope that they can at least take small comfort in knowing that Graves died being the best mother she could be and protecting what mattered to her most: her child.

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