Principal who tells girls in his school to cover their butts did the right thing (VIDEO)

Ah, leggings! I would live in them if I didn't have to throw them in the hamper once in a while. I mean, can you think of something more comfortable than leggings? My daughter Vanessa, who's only 6, loves them too and she wears then to school all.the.time. But I always ALWAYS make sure we both wear something long enough to cover our butts when using leggings. I know there's some women out there who see nothing wrong with the new trend of wearing short tops with leggings, but I think it's only okay if you're going to the gym--or you're Olivia Newton-John in Grease.

That's why I'm 100% with the principal of a Minnesota high school who recently sent an email asking parents to please make sure that if their daughters wear leggings, they cover up their bottoms!


From the email sent by Principal Dave Adney of Minnetonka High School, as published by the Star Tribune:

Some of our girls have chosen to wear t-shirts with the leggings, thus exposing more leg and backside area. This can be highly distracting for other students and I am asking your assistance. If your daughters choose to wear leggings or other tight fitting clothing please support our goal of keeping things covered up.

The girls, of course, are furious and don't agree with their principal at all. But lots of parents have shown their support and I would've too if I got a similar email. Unlike some girls' belief that they should be allowed to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable, I think children should be taught what's appropriate and what's not in terms of attire as soon as possible. 

Teens rebelling and wanting to wear what they want to wear to school is nothing new. Truth be told, all of these issues would be avoided if all schools had uniforms. Life would be easier not only for parents, but also for other kids who wouldn't have to worry about fitting in because they would all look the same!


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