Dad who used dog to pull out daughter's loose tooth is so not funny! (VIDEO)

One of the most memorable parts of being a kid is waiting eagerly for that loose tooth to finally fall out so that you can leave it under the pillow. Well, in this video, one dad apparently becomes so impatient with his daughter's wiggly tooth that he decides to take matters into his own hands.


As can be seen in the clip below, the father decides to take advantage of their dog, Clancy's, love of fetch by tying his daughter's tooth to the pooch and then throwing a ball for him to run after! Needless to say, the tooth comes out easily and though the little girl seems to be in a little bit of pain (even showing her bloody mouth to the camera--yikes!), the dad is clearly thrilled that his plan worked. "It's the first dog dentist," he proudly proclaims.

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Oh my god! Okay, I know this is supposed to be funny and that the father probably didn't have bad intentions, but this seems SO mean to me! I mean, didn't that hurt? When I was younger, a family member pulled out one of my loose teeth (without my consent!) and I remember it stung like hell. In fact, I was so scarred that I pretty much avoided her for years after that. And although now it's one of those family stories that people laugh over, I know I would never do that to my own kid!

I just hope that the little girl at least got a BIG reward from the Tooth Fairy as consolation!

Image via YouTube

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