Sesame Street will air post-Sandy special episode on Friday

Just when you thought you couldn't possibly love Sesame Street any more, the team behind the popular kids' show has announced it has prepared a hurricane-themed episode in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many people's lives were upended by Sandy and lots of children, including those who didn't have to go through it, have been left with a ton of questions about natural disasters, their consequences, and how to best deal with them.

On Friday, the cast of the beloved children's show will have to deal with a hurricane that wrecks Sesame Street, destroys Big Bird's nest and leaves all kinds of havoc in its wake.  


While the timing is perfect, the episode is not new. In fact, it's a condensed version of a 5-part-series Sesame Street prepared back in 2001 without any specific natural disaster in mind. "[It] played out over five days and told the story of everybody on the street getting ready for a hurricane, and then ultimately recovering from a hurricane," according to what the show's supervising producer told EW.

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Weeks after Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Sesame Street re-ran the week-long series. So it made perfect sense to revive it after Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast last week. Friday's version won't include the parts related to preparing for a storm, but it will include the whole story of the destruction of Big Bird's nest, the emotions he goes through because of his loss and the recovery. 

Although we were thousands of miles away from Hurricane Sandy's path, I plan on watching this episode with my children. Since we lived in Miami for many years and experienced our share of very destructive hurricanes, my kids have heard me talk about them a lot, especially during and after Sandy. I can't wait to see what Sesame Street's creators have put together, but I'm sure it will be just perfect! 

Image via Sesame Street/tumblr