Gerber's new baby is Latina!

One of the most recognizable and iconic images of a baby's face is the one that has been plastered all over Gerber's products since the 1920s. But there's a new Gerber baby on the block and I was ecstatic to find out that she is an 8-month-old Latina named Mary Jane Montoya. Isn't she the cutest little thing? Baby Mary Jane won't be replacing the original Gerber baby permanently, but she'll be part of Gerber's new 2013 ad campaign. Her parents, who appeared in the Today show yesterday, couldn't believe she won, considering they barely made the deadline to enter the photo contest that drew more than 300,000 entries!


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Besides representing the brand in its ad campaign next year, Baby Mary Jane's parents will also receive a grand prize of $50,000, which they say will go to their girl's college education. 

A proud Sara Montoya said this on the Today show while she held a giddy Mary Jane:

Our baby looks just like the Gerber baby, but we still can't believe the photo of our baby won the grand prize. Like parents everywhere, we think our baby is cute, but to have this honor is something we'll cherish forever. To us, winning $50,000 is like winning a million dollars!

And that just makes this whole story even better! 

I truly believe that having a Latina baby be chosen as the the face of such an iconic American corporation proves the dramatic change the makeup of this country is currently undergoing. Although my kids no longer use any of the Gerber products, I can't wait to see little Mary Jane's face on the ads of the largest baby food producer! 

Image via Facebook