Baby Aerobics Instructor 1

Most baby girls already own a few pastel onesies, a stretchy headband and leggings or tights that would work for this baby aerobics instructor costume, so you'll just need to worry about crafting the boom box. Though it'll probably take a couple of hours, it's really just a matter of cutting out some shapes and sewing or hot glueing them into position, so it still won't require too much effort. Bonus: your little girl will be super-comfy!


Homeless Baby 2

Okay, this homeless baby costume may not be for everyone, but if you have a good sense of humor, I say go for it. all you need is to pick out an outfit that looks more grown up, a bit of non-toxic or food-grade paint, a swath of cardboard and a Sharpie and you'll have an instant costume. This one can even be thrown together the day of.


Charlie Brown 3

Charlie Brown

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Charlie Brown and holidays go hand-in-hand, making this cute costume a winner for babies of any age. You might even be able to use materials right out of your baby's closet--brown shorts or pants and a yellow onesie or tee. Then grab a Sharpie and draw on the zig zag. Don't forget to use a piece of yarn or string to afix a curl to your little guy's head.

Adorable Tea Bag Baby 4

If you have a box of tea bags, a shoe string and a white pillowcase, you can easily throw together this number . Not only is it clever, but your little guy or girl will look adorable in it--on foot or relaxing in a stroller.


Popcorn Baby 5

If you have a newborn and you've been stumped over his first Halloween costume, this babywearing-friendly ensemble is the perfect solution. You'll have to spend a little bit of time constructing, but the sweet photos you'll get out of it will make the project totally worth your effort.


Clark Kent 6

Clark Kent

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This baby Clark Kent costume is my personal favorite. Inspired by my little dude's curly locks, I've been planning on it for a couple of months now. It was really easy to piece together the outfit and he'll be able to wear each component of it--aside from the glasses--on a regular basis, making it an affordable and adorable option.