Parents need to stop using Facebook to punish their kids

Some parents might think that this is the way to go, but punishing your kid by posing photos of yourselves on their Facebook page is just NOT cool with me. That's exactly what happened in Wisconsin, when two parents came up with the creative punishment for their daughter's disrespectful behavior. Apparently she "got fresh" with them, which in turn made them take away the girl's cell phone for a week and then they went on to post embarrassing photos of themselves on her Facebook wall. In my book, they win the award for Stupidest Punishment, Ever!


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Seriously, I don't think this is okay at ALL. If they've already punished their child for getting out of hand, why are they going above and beyond to embarrass her? Is this actually going to accomplish anything? The girl got what she deserved. How does embarrassing her on Facebook make her a better person or solve her "getting fresh".

I think this is just silly. It's silly and stupid and I am very much against this kind of punishment. If your child is bad, you take away their TV or phone or whatever else you deem appropriate. But messing with their personal life in front of all of their friends? That is just cruel and unusual punishment--and I would NOT tolerate it if I was the kid, and I certainly don't plan on doing the same to my own kids.

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I get that the parents are doing something silly to make their daughter remember the consequences of her actions, and I can kind of sort of respect that--but I can't respect what they actually did. Embarrassing your kid can lead to consequences you never imagined, like what if the girl is now ostracized or bullied because of her parents? Yeah, that's just NOT cool.

Facebook is for fun and socializing, NOT for taking things out on other people or punishing your kids. If you REALLY want to punish them, make them delete their account--maybe THAT will teach this girl to not "get fresh" with her parents. Posting dumb photos of yourselves on her wall, though, well, that only makes YOU look like the idiots.

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