The top 5 pictures you should NOT post of your kids on Facebook

Having children is a blessing and it's no surprise parents always want to show them off--especially if it's their first born. And because as parents you're into the idea of showing the abuela, your primos, your tías, tíos and everyone else in between, you turn to Facebook. Oh Facebook, you've been good for so many things, but SO bad for others. This is about the things parents shouldn't post on Facebook that may potentially embarrass your child someday.

I know, it's difficult to control yourself since you want everyone and the world to know that your kid is the cutest most sweetest baby out there, but there are still some rules you should follow when posting their photos online. I mean, do you want your kid to hate you someday?

Here are the top 5 kid photos you should NOT post on Facebook. I repeat, you should NOT.


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Nudey pics: Your baby's bottom may be adorable to you, but do your Facebook friends really want to see your kid's rear staring at them on their newsfeed? Probably not, plus your child will easily dig up that picture online and be mortified that mom posted a picture of his or her bottom for all the world to see.

Potty training: Going to the bathroom is a personal experience and of course a triumphant accomplishments for parents who have mastered potty training with their kids. That's great and all, but it doesn't belong on Facebook. Not only is it kinda gross, but it's intrusive, and personally I'd kill my mom if she posted such pictures online.

Horrible costumes: Okay, I'm one to admit I find silly costumes on kids cute…but the kids themselves, probably not so much. If you know that one day your son will kill you for dressing him up as a sunburnt lobster, spare him the embarrassment by not posting a picture of it on Facebook. You might think he looks cute, but he won't appreciate you mortifying him on the web.

Matching sibling outfits: My parents used to do this to me and my sister and I absolutely hated it. Most kids don't like being made wear matching outfits with their siblings. It kills their individuality, plus most times it looks dorky. Don't embarrass your child with these pictures unless you can handle the silent treatment for days.

Childbirth: By no circumstances should you post pictures of you giving birth. Most people don't even want to be involved in the delivery process, let alone want to see your kid coming out of your privates. I think Facebook even has a photo policy which prevents you from uploading graphic images. Please abide by those rules and don't embarrass yourself or your kid!

Well, now that you know what pictures of your kids you shouldn't post online, I hope you use it the next time you're thinking of sharing a pic on the social networking site. Remember, they're kids and will one day grow up to see themselves online--and they deserve some respect whether or not they aware of what you're posting about them online now!

Image via One Tiny Spark/flickr

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