This hilarious baby will probably grow up to be a dog person (VIDEO)

I can't even describe how happy videos of cute babies usually make me. So when I stumbled upon this hilarious video of a little 4-month-old baby who absolutely HATES the sound an animal makes, I was in love!

Read below to see which animal elicits this response from the little guy!


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While this adorable baby doesn't mind and actually smiles when his mom barks, when she makes a meowing cat sound, it's as if he heard the most awful sound in the world, triggering an ADORABLE pout that makes it seem as if he's going to burst out in tears at any moment. Could it get any cuter!? I don't think so!

When my son Sebastian was tiny, he used to make pouty faces--and I know they're sad, but I swear it was the funniest, most adorable gestures I had ever seen! Do I sound like a bad mom for taking pleasure in my son's frustration? Maybe...but I can't front, he looked cute! That little smushy face babies make when they're upset is PRICELESS. Now that he's 6 months old, he doesn't really indulge me by making pouty faces at me anymore. Which is okay--I get by with the little toothy smiles now!

However, how could you not love this adorable little guy's pouts in the video? I'm not sure exactly what it is about the "meows" that he hates, but he sure isn't happy his mom is immitating a cat! Which makes me almost 100 percent certain, this baby will most likely grow up to be a dog person.

Check out the adorable video below and see for yourself!

Image via YouTube

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