'Charlie bit my finger' kids are back in hilarious new Ragu commercial! (VIDEO)

Childhood can be harder than you think! Though it's easy for us to forget once we've reached adulthood, kids have rough moments too…which is exactly why the latest Ragu commercials have decided to remind us that "growing up's tough." Football fans got their first glimpse of the company's hilarious new marketing strategy when it appeared in a Superbowl commercial, but I think their latest ad is even funnier than the first!


Avid YouTube users will be thrilled to learn that Charlie and Harry Davies-Car, of the viral video "Charlie Bit My Finger," star in the funny commercial! Now well past the toddler stage, Harry reveals how he feels about being known as Charlie's bitten brother. "Charlie bit my finger," he says. "My parents just kept filming and 500 million people saw it." Aww!

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And the perfect solution to forgetting his Internet fame, according to the commercial?  Eating some comfort food, which is--you guessed it!--a plate of spaghetti topped with lots of Ragu.

I have to admit, I actually really enjoy these new Ragu commercials! I mean, who wasn't embarrassed by their parents at some point during their childhoods? As much as current parents might not like to admit, I think it's an experience everyone can relate to having.

Image via YouTube

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