Horrible father caught on tape bullying 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy deserves the public shame (VIDEO)

Bullying is bad enough amongst kids, but a grown-up mocking a child is completely sickening. That's reportedly the horrible situation that 10-year-old Hope Holcomb has found herself in. The young girl, who has cerebral palsy, says that she is afraid to leave her house because being bullied not only by her 9-year-old next door neighbor, but also his dad!


I know—it almost sounds too cruel to believe but unfortunately, that's not even the worst part.  In case anyone doubted Hope's story, her grandmother took a video camera to the bus stop last week and filmed the boy and his father, William Bailey, pretending to walk with a limp! How disgusting!


Bailey's wife claims that there is an ongoing fight between the neighbors, but that she has "no idea" why Hope is offended by her husband and son. Um, is she joking? Has she not seen that video?! Both families have filed complaints with the prosecutor's office but no charges have been made.

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Ugh. It makes me ashamed to think that I am even on the same planet as this jerk. What kind of parent helps his son bully another young kid? He's not only teaching his son that it's ok to make fun of other people, but he's literally showing him how to do so. It's awful enough that Hope has to face teasing from other kids her age, let alone from a supposedly grown "man."

 I don't care what is going between the families, there's just no excuse for Bailey's despicable behavior.

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