Heartless woman confesses to hiding pregnancies & killing 5 of her newborns

A 28-year-old German mother has confessed to killing five newborns over at least six years. The woman made a startling confession as police questioned her about two of the killings. Apparently the two babies that were found--one dumped in a paper sorting station in 2006 and the other in the parking lot off the side of a highway--were not the only victims. She had dumped three other children in the woods shortly after giving birth. It's one of the craziest things I've EVER heard.

According the Stahlmann-Liebelt, the head prosecutor, "She had the impression her husband would leave her if she had any more children, and that's why she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant, including her husband."


The couple already had two children, ages 8 and 6. She said her husband hinted that he wanted to maintain a certain lifestyle and more children in the picture would change that dramatically.

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There are just so many things wrong here. How is it possible that her husband does not know his wife is pregnant--5 times?!!! Also, what about birth control?!!! Finally, though she claims not to know about baby boxes in her confession, Germany has one of the largest networks for you to safely give away your unwanted newborn.        

Would her husband feel differently or sent another message to her if he knew she was already pregnant or that she'd killed their children? How does he feel knowing five of his progeny were killed because he said he didn't want more children?

I'm a bit perplexed because there are so many ways to handle this without the drastic and sad measures. Her actions have destroyed their family. She faces five charges of manslaughter, and who knows how many years she'll be in jail. Her biggest fear of losing her husband might ultimately come true.

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