Baby 'Gangnam Style' dance is the best version ever! (VIDEO)

The "Gangnam Style" song makes me smile because it reminds me of my son. I kid you not when I say he does the silly dance moves of the hot Korean pop song every morning and before he goes to sleep.  


I know he's not the only one who finds the catchy song by Korean artist Psy infectious. "Gangnam Style" has almost 300 million views on YouTube and is the number 1 download on iTunes.

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In case you've missed it, you can check Gangnam Style out on YouTube. If you're confused, you're watching Psy making fun of the people in the Gangnam District, which is South Korea's version of Beverly Hills. 

I came across the most adorable version yet: This toddler listening to "Gangnam Style" and dancing to it. The cutie happily bounces up and down on cue to the song. It's such an unscripted and wonderful moment in the toddler's life, it also made me smile.

Image via YouTube

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