Airlines trying to restrict families with new baby ban

Prepping for a vacation with your whole family can be quite the challenge. But if you're traveling with small children, it can be doubly so! Especially because when it comes to flying with our babies in tow, parents may feel a bit uncomfortable or apprehensive about bothering other passengers. It looks like South East Asia airline AirAsia has found the solution and has created a "Quiet Zone" sector on their planes for those who want to fly without being bothered by restless children.

The airline's "Quiet Zone" allows passengers ONLY ages 12 and older to fly first class without extra charges. But this new controversial rule makes us wonder if this new trend may catch on in the United States? The answer may surprise you…


I empathize with parents having to travel with restless kids, because it must a challege keep busy and enjoying the flight, while maintaining your fellow passengers happy. But don't expect U.S. airlines to make these changes any time soon. 

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Travel expert George Hobica, founder of, explains that this method of travel would not work in the States because similar concepts have backfired in the past. He says:

The last time they had to do this was back when there were smoking and non-smoking sections. Even if you were just one row away from the smoking section, you still got the smoke--and you'll still hear the screams if a child has strong lungs.

Duh, it doesn't matter where you're seated because you're STILL going to hear him! This also wouldn't fly in the U.S., not only because of our impractical domestic flights, but because furious parents would sue the airlines.


I'm sure this idea won't sit well with parents or airlines if they have to make a greater effort to accommodate their passengers. I think as long as parents do their best to keep their kids under control, the rest of the passengers will be understanding. my suggestion is come prepared with your child's favorite toys and snacks in order to maintain a peaceful and smooth trip!

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