If you enjoy a classic photobomb like me, then you're going to love this! Nothing gets me laughing like a cute animal or a person ruining a perfectly good picture. My absolute favorites though have to be photos ruined (or improved depending on how you look at it) by cute little babies!

These awesome babies totally made all these pictures better--and they're all sure to crack you up. Whether you enjoy the close-up or the classic in-the-distance photobomb, you'll love these clever and funny kids.

Check it out and then tell us which you just couldn't resist--and maybe even you have a classic photobomb story you can share!

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Butts and babies 1

Butts and babies

Image via Reddit

Plumber butt plus awesome happy baby? Hilarity!


Cute baby in car 2

Cute baby in car

Image via This is Photobomb

This picture of an unphasd baby is adorable--um, what white bikini chick?


She is not pleased 3

She is not pleased

Image via This is Photobomb

This grumpy little girl is SO not amused by the bikini babes in this pic; maye it's because she's the only one who's really ready to go for a swim?

Turn of the century bomb 4

Turn of the century bomb

Image via This is Photobomb

Even back in the day babies knew how to make pictures a whole lot better!



Six boobs and a baby 5

Six boobs and a baby

Image via This is Photobomb

Clearly someone else wanted in on the action. See the little guy hidden in the gaggle of bosom? He didn't want to be left out!


Sexting mom fail 6

Sexting mom fail

Image via Parent Fails

A warning to sexters: Your kid can walk in on you while you're taking pictures of your butt. Not a good look.


Self portrait fail 7

Self portrait fail

Image via Jest.com

This lady may have to retake her profile picture as that cute little girl totally steals the show.

Baby & hammer 8

Baby & hammer

Image via Daily Picks & Flicks

Um, this does not look good--I hope this guy turned around in time.


Exhausted baby 9

Exhausted baby

Image via This is Photobomb

I totally know how this kid must feel: That's me after work on most nights of the week.

Picture perfect 10

Picture perfect

Image via Reddit

This couple may THINK they're looking good, but it's the snazzy baby in the mirror that's the true star here.


Dead serious baby 11

Dead serious baby

Image via This is Photobomb

Um, stop taking cutesy couple pictures, you two--the baby is not pleased.

Naked running baby 12

Naked running baby

Image via lefunyon/tumblr

Who else can get away with running around naked and NOT get in trouble for it?