Snooki looks amazing post baby, but the law is still out to get her

I admit I had my doubts about whether Snooki could pull off motherhood with class and common sense because, well, she's been a public train wreck and a source of entertainment in the worse possible way. I wondered how long it would take before child services rendered her an unfit parent for forgetting her baby at a bar. Seriously.

Snooki had been going around making a fool out of herself even while she was pregnant, asking Live! cohost Kelly Ripa if she pooped during childbirth and the Jersey Shore star refused to let go of her super high heeled platforms when she took a dangerous fall late into her gestation. Yikes!

And now, the law is still out to get her!


Well, sort of. Laws bearing the Meatball's name because of her reckless behavior have been proposed. The most recent, the "Snookiville Law" would allow towns in New Jersey to have more of a say and set boundaries when reality shows are filmed there. Another proposed law, which arose out of outrage when Rutgers paid Snooki $32,000 for an appearance, aims to protect students at public colleges from paying for entertainment they disagree with. Lastly, Snooki's Law in California makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to use tanning beds. That's a heck of a lot of negative attention she's managed to garner!   

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I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised though and relieved at the monumental change Nicole Polizzi has made since the birth of her son Lorenzo in late August.

On Saturday, September 22, Snooki posted a photo on Instagram before a girl's night out, and I must admit, not only does she look amazing, her style is classy and mature without being dowdy. Her body has bounced back thanks to breastfeeding. I'm happy she lost the weight through breastfeeding because Snooki has in the past admitted to having eating disorders to deal with body image issues.

Her tweets also show a maternal side of Snooki about the quality time she's spending with little Lorenzo.

I'm happy to see she's made some huge changes to her lifestyle of reckless adventures. And we all await all the pics she will hopefully keep Tweeting as her little guy grows up!

Image via Snooki/Twitter

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