Watch kids' awesome reactions to eating ice cream for the first time! (VIDEO)

Even though fall is here, I still haven't given up on having one of my favorite treats: Ice cream. Today there's great range of flavors and types that no matter what your preference is, you'll always find a favorite. But do you remember the first time you had it? I certainly don't, but I do know that it still sends a wave of happiness over me when I do have it. Which brings me to this ADORABLE video filled with babies and toddlers having the delicious frozen treat for the first time!

I can't resist a cute kid video especially when it's one of their reactions upon tasting ice cream. I mean their responses are so genuine ( really adorable) and funny that it makes you wonder what your facial reactions are when you have ice cream.


If there is ONE warning I can give you before you watch this video, it's that you may get a hankering for a bowl full of your favorite flavor. You've been forewarned--and buen provecho!

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Image via YouTube

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