3 soccer players sexually abused by teammates prove that hazing has gone too far (VIDEO)

Parents of at least three varsity soccer players in La Puente High School in California (a predominatly Hispanic neighborhood) have called for an investigation for hazing and sexual assault that occurred as part of an initiation to the team.Their kids say they were forced to get naked in a room near the coach's office and sometimes assaulted with the end of a javelin. Yes, the spear-like instrument used in the Olympic sport. One parent says her teen refused to go back to school after the incidents. One student says he saw one of the attackers give a wink to the coach after an instance of abuse.

The La Puente sheriff is busy figuring out whether the coach was involved.


It's appalling that some figure the assaults have been going on for at least two years and some of the kids were as young as 14. How is the hazing behavior allowed to go on for that long without anyone reporting it?

This story touches a nerve because my son is on several baseball teams with the hopes of playing on a high school and college team. I hope that we've developed a trusting relationship that he feels he can come to me if a teammate abuses or assaults him or someone else.

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One of the reasons I support my son's baseball playing is because of the confidence he gains when he masters a move or makes a great play. His self-esteem is clearly boosted in ways I can't imagine because I am not good at any sport. The other reason I stand on the sidelines in the rain, heat, or cold is because of the friendships and lessons he learns are invaluable.

I'd be devastated if I found out that the sport he loves and takes so seriously did the opposite of building him up in a healthy way.

I do hope the students who took advantage of their teammates get penalized in a way that teaches them to respect others.

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