Woman allegedly uses 3-year-old in her care for child pornography website

The thought of children being subjected to pornography is so sickening that it still shocks me when I come across news about it. Disgust overcame me when I learned about 24-year-old Texan Misty Reneedawn Wofford who was arrested for screening a live child porn show to a man over the internet. Wofford used the 3-year-old daughter of the family she was staying with as the subject of their Skype session and exposed her genitals and nipples on camera for 25-year-old perv in Edinburgh, Scotland.   

Wofford was caught after the pervert in Europe, Paul Hanlon, was arrested on suspicion of distributing images of the child on the internet and police tracked the content on his computer to their conversation.The young woman claims that Hanlon encouraged her to sexually assault the child but she never followed through or harmed the child.


It still boggles my mind what drives a person to commit any form of sexual act with a child. According to the Daily Mail, Wofford is being charged in Texas with encouraging the sexual performance of a child--a third degree felony which if convicted, could get her up to 10 years in prison. She is out free now on $30,000 bail.

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It's apparent that child pornography laws have to be stricter and monitoring such content online should be done so more often. And in regards to the baby in this case, the parents must be devastated, finding out that their daughter was being filmed while in the care of someone they probably trusted and thought would look out for her. Parents have to be extra vigilant about who we trust with our children!

I hope the little girl's parents get justice for what she subjected to and hopefully both offenders get what they deserve.

Images via Misty Reneedawn Wofford/facebook

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