Man with ax goes on rampage at daycare center in China killing 3 kids

Although I've never been unemployed, I can surely imagine how frustrating it can be since I've seen others close to me go through it. And yet, there's no way I can understand why a Chinese man, by the name of Wu Yechang, decided to take his frustration out on a group of kids when he entered a local daycare center with an ax and killed three of them and injured 13 others last Friday.

The worst part is that Wu had apparently considered committing suicide, but he abandoned those plans, when he passed by the daycare center and decided to do something bigger, according to what he told police. 


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I can't even begin to fathom the terror that both the kids and the adults must have felt when the ax-wielding Wu burst into the daycare center last week. Although Wu has no record of mental illness, that can be the only logical explanation for his heinous act. I'm no psychologist, but it's obvious that he was looking for attention. Otherwise, why would he choose to kill and hurt those who were in no way related to his own problems?

Can you imagine how the parents of the dead and the injured children must be going through right now? While I've been lucky enough to have had a nanny to take care of my children at home, I've been contemplating putting them in a daycare center ever since our last nanny quit at the beginning of the summer.

While I know this is a freak incident and the majority of kids are safe in the daycare centers they spend the majority of their time away from home, news like this one scares me to death and make me want to ditch my daycare center plan for my kids.

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