Missing teen probably ran away with her high school math teacher (VIDEO)

Watching Danielle Wilson's plea for her runaway teen is just heartbreaking. In a message to her daughter, Megan Stammers, 15, (who ran away with her math teacher), Wilson begs for her to come home. The British mother's agony is apparent in her eyes and as is her desperation based on her words: "I don't care what you've done or why, I just want you home."

It is believed that Stammers boarded a ferry with her 30-year-old math teacher Jeremy Forrest last Thursday in his Ford Fiesta in England.


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Wilson seems to have been blindsided by the disappearance and Stammers' behavior:

She is always in at 7p.m., she is not one of these kids to roam the streets, she doesn't go out drinking or anything like that

I can't imagine what Wilson and the rest of the family are going through, especially if Stammers gave no warning that she was about to run away with a teacher.

As a parent, you go insane thinking about all the terrible things that can happen to your child in this situation. What if I never see my child again? What if they do something even dumber than disappearing together? What is she's being abused or taking drugs? What if she ends up pregnant? How do I go about my life when this is just paralyzing? How do I explain this to my other children? It's just maddening.

Not only are the parents worried about their child, but this really strains a relationship.

If Stammers really made this decision, she clearly didn't think about the consequences or that perhaps it is an insane proposition to run away with a teacher. Further, what is wrong with the teacher? Megan is just 15!

It's a sad reality that teenagers can get engulfed in fantasies that just don't materialize how they imagine. This might be just be one of those cases.

Images via Family Handout, YouTube

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