Sleepy baby is one with Force after hearing 'Star Wars' theme song (VIDEO)

Every baby can get fussy from time to time…which is exactly why it's up to the parents to figure out their own tricks to getting their little ones to calm down and stop crying. In the hilarious and super cute video below, one 4-month-old baby only stops his tantrum after his parents play a particular, unexpected track--the Star Wars theme song!


As can be seen in the clip, the young boy is crying and screaming in typical baby fashion when suddenly the famed music starts playing. And believe me when I say the effect is eerily instantaneous. He not only immediately stops sobbing, but he also seems to go into a complete, mellow, dreamlike trance. WOW…now that's what I call a true fan!

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Apparently, the boy's parents actually discovered their son's love for the song by accident. According to the YouTube caption, the baby was crying in the car one day when the tune randomly came on their MP3 player, instantly quieting the child's sobs. It must have been fate because since then, playing the song has always worked to calm him down.

Pretty hysterical, right? I only wish we knew what the little boy's name is! Could it be Luke perhaps?!

Watch the video here:

Image via YouTube

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