Cops join 4-year-old boy on quest to find his lost teddy!

Watch out Watson, Sherlock may have a new sidekick soon! Four-year-old Jasper L adifquist took it upon himself to ask police to help find his lost teddy bear "Beb."  Jasper's mom, Annemo, tells the Daily Telegraph that Jasper asked her to involve the cops on his quest to find his favorite stuffed animal and surprisingly they agreed!

Looks like no case is too big or too small for the police force in Quakers Hill, Australia as they showed up to the L adifquist household and took notes on Jasper's teddy bear and his description. Although most of us would probably tell the 4-year-old's mother to get him another toy, this teddy holds far greater value to Jasper than any other stuffed animal.


I know what it's like to have a toy that held greater meaning than anything else. In my case, I had a stuffed chimp that my uncle gave me when I was a baby that I still have to this day. I couldn't sleep without it and it didn't help my parents those nights I'd lose it in random spots throughout the house. Although I'm sure my parents would probably not have gotten the cops involved when looking for my monkey!

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I'd say Jasper's a pretty lucky kid getting cops to searching for his red teddy which he highly values because it was given to him by his grandma who lives in Sweden. His mom even took to Facebook to write a post thanking the officers of Quakers Hill and according to reports, the post has received more than 21,000 "likes" since Thursday.

Hopefully the men in blue find "Beb" and return him to his rightful owner. And who knows, maybe Jasper will one day return the favor and join the police force!  

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