19-year-old dog's amazing story will melt your heart

I LOVE dogs. I have two of my own and I am unashamed to say that I treat them like they're my kids. But with the older one going on 12, I find myself paying extra special attention to him in order to put off any additional injuries or illnesses (he already has diabetes) and keep him healthy for as long as I possibly can. That's why I was so touched to hear of Blackie, a dog who recently became the oldest pup ever to be put up for adoption at an astonishing 19 years old. That's 133 in human years!


Blackie was brought to London's largest animal shelter after his owners became unable to take care of him. While you would think that a dog of his advanced age would be slower than most, Blackie is apparently as energetic and happy as a pooch half his age! Apparently, his spirit even took the shelter's staff by surprise--they say he still plays with toys and goes for walks with ease. Wow!

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But the absolute best part of the story? Though older dogs normally have a tougher time getting adopted (most of which haven't even reached Blackie's age), some good soul out there has already taken a liking to Blackie and brought him home.

Aww!  Doesn't this story just brighten your day? It's so sweet! I don't know exactly why Blackie's owners gave him up now, but I'm sure it might have been really difficult for them and for the dog, especially after so many years. I'm just glad that at least one person out there wasn't discouraged by his age so that he was able to find another home so quickly!

Image via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

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