Texas mom is unfairly arrested just for letting kids play outside! (VIDEO)

I'm all for cracking down on bad parents, but in some instances, it seems like authorities can go too far. Take for example the case of Tammy Cooper. The stay-at-home Texas mom was arrested earlier this month after her neighbor reported her to the police--all because she allowed her kids to play outside.


Apparently, the neighbor told officers that Cooper would let her 6-year-old and 9-year-old play on scooters outdoors without supervision. But the mom says she was actually watching her children from a lawn chair the whole time. Unfortunately, it seems like the cops didn't believe her since Cooper had to stay in jail overnight on charges of child endangerment. Wow, talk about excessive!

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Though the kids themselves reportedly begged the police not to take their mom, telling them "she didn't do anything wrong," it didn't stop them from making the arrest. Eventually, the charges against Cooper were dropped, but she is now suing the city's police department, as well as the arresting officer and the neighbor who started the entire incident.

Good for her! If I was in that position, I would do the exact same thing. Why in the world would you put someone behind bars just for letting their own kids play outside? Though I agree that parents should always remain aware of their children's whereabouts, I don't think the neighbor had a right to stick her nose in someone else's family life without even getting her facts straight.

Because of her and the policeman's rash actions, the mom was arrested for no apparent reason in front of her obviously terrified kids.


Image via KFYI

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