Dad accused of killing 2-year-old daugher after potty training accident

Potty training can be a difficult task for new parents, but this dad allegedly took his frustrations to a new level of evil. D'Andre Lane of Detroit is being accused of killing his 2-year old daughter, Bianca Jones, and then staging her disappearance last December. The cause? A potty training accident the toddler had, according to prosecutors.

The dad of 7 claimed that his daughter was kidnapped after a carjacking, but police say they never found evidence of the child when they located the missing car a few hours later.

The story gets even worse.


D'Andre Lane admits to having spanked his daughter, for which he is also facing child abuse charges, but denies allegations that he beat her to death with a stick with a towel wrapped around it in duct tape or accusations that he staged a carjacking for her disappearance. According to a Fox News report, the prime reason authorities don't believe Lanes is because during an interrogation, he told prosecutors that he believed that 2-year-olds who had accidents should be physically punished. How awful!

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I do believe that we are innocent until proven guilty, but in this situation it makes me uncomfortable knowing that a child is still missing and no one knows about her whereabouts. Lane, who is a dad of 7 from 7 different women, and his claims of a carjacking don't add up. Which is a little unsettling. The child's mother, Banika Jones, is shockingly standing by her daughter's father and says he is innocent because he has never done anything to prove he is an unfit parent (even though he DID admit to spanking the girl because of the potty training accident!). Personally, I think cops should really try to find this child.

If Lane is convicted, he faces life in prison without parole.

This case is terrible, and I hope justice is done. But perhaps most important of all, I hope they find the body of this missing child. My heart and prayers go out to the family.

Images via Police Handout, Facebook

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