Mom who beat up son's bully is not completely wrong (VIDEO)

Most moms would do anything to protect their children, but how do you know when you're crossing the line? One Florida mom is now facing child abuse charges after fighting a teenager who was reportedly bullying her son.   

The mom, 35-year-old Felecia Phillips, says her 15-year-old son Terez Smith was being tormented by 17-year-old classmate Justin Mickens. On Tuesday, Smith reportedly got beat up by a friend of Micken's--which was apparently the final straw for Phillips.


In order to ensure the safety of her son, Phillips walked him to the bus stop on Wednesday morning. That's when things turned ugly. Phillips and Mickens got into a heated argument and eventually, the angry mom pushed Mickens and "smooshed him" in the face. When the teen responded by slamming her to the ground as the bus arrived, Phillips allegedly followed him on to the bus. Yikes!

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Phillips was arrested on charges with child abuse and trespassing on school property, but was released after paying a $2,500 bond. But don't think the punishment has made Phillips regret her actions--"That's what they need; a good old-fashioned whooping," she said of the incident.

Quite honestly, I don't really blame her for feeling that way. I don't have kids, but just the thought of someone hurting my cousins or younger family members is enough to make me furious. So I understand why a mom would feel so protective over her child, especially given how rampant and severe bullying seems to be in schools these days. It's enough to make anyone want to defend their loved ones.

Still, Phillips should have known better than to lay her hands on the teen. After all, he's a stupid young kid whereas she is supposed to be a smart, mature adult with the ability to control her temper. And at the end of the day, she is the one with more to lose--which is exactly why she should have tried harder to resolve the situation in a non-physical way.  

Images via CNN