Mean reporter makes toddler cry on live TV (VIDEO)

When it comes to live TV, there's a lot of room for things to wrong. Case in point? The recent incident in which a local Denver reporter made a toddler cry on camera!


KDVR Fox 31 reporter Dan Daru was covering the Fall Harvest Festival in a local event when he came across a messy-haired little boy, which he called "Drew the Farm Kid," sitting in a stroller. When Daru kneeled down next to the boy (who did NOT look very happy to be disturbed), he began joking about the toddler's resemblance to Albert Einstein.

Unfortunately, Drew was not very happy about his comments or the camera in his face as he quickly broke down into tears. "Way to go Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television," says Daru's co-worker back in the studio. Meanwhile, another of his fellow anchors, also in the studio, seems to be laughing so hard that he has to hide his face with a paper.   

Daru, for his part, immediately feels bad about the whole incident, saying, "This is terrible. I love that kid." As Drew is consoled by a man, presumably his dad, Daru also tries to make him feel better by singing a song from the Wizard of Oz.

Aww, that poor little kid! It's obvious that Daru meant no harm though. The toddler was probably just overwhelmed by the cameras and seeing these people who he didn't recognize. Besides, the video is actually pretty freakin' funny.

Watch it for yourself here:

Image via YouTube

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