Restaurant manager who called police on breastfeeding mom should be fired! (VIDEO)

Breastfeeding in public has long since been a controversial issue. Though some advocate the practice, others find it downright offensive. One example?  Recently, an Applebee's manager actually resorted to calling the police on a breastfeeding mom after she refused to move to the bathroom to nurse.


Dawn Holland was reportedly breastfeeding her 20-month-old son in a booth when she says a manager approached her and told her she either had to finish nursing her child in the bathroom or leave the restaurant. When Holland tried to explain that she wasn't doing anything illegal (Georgia has a law that allows women to breastfeed anywhere), the manager called the police. An officer arrived to talk to both parties, but ultimately decided against filing a report.

Holland said she felt humiliated and demeaned and eventually left the restaurant without eating. However, a spokesperson for Applebee's called the incident a misunderstanding.

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Can you believe that?! What a complete jerk! I understand that people might have mixed feelings about seeing a woman breastfeed, especially when the child is on the older side like Holland's son is, but that doesn't excuse the manager's ridiculously dramatic and over-the-top response to the situation. It's not like the woman was nursing her child on top of the table--she was in a private booth with her family. That hardly warrants a phone call to the police!

It's just ridiculous. I mean, we can put images of boobs all over commercials and advertisements, but when they appear in a public setting for an actually useful and natural (and in her case, completely legal) practice, it's the end of the world? Please. I have a solution for all the people who are so offended by the sight of a breastfeeding woman: look away!

Image via WXIA-TV

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