Disney film broadcast gets interrupted by porn, leaves family stunned!

If there's one channel that every parent considers safe and appropriate for their kids, it would be Disney right? Wrong! One North Carolina mom and her three young kids were left in shock when hardcore porn suddenly interrupted a recent airing of the animated film, Lilo and Stitch.

Apparently, Georgie Brown left a recording of the movie playing for her two sons and daughter, ages 1, 3, and 5, before briefly exiting the room. But only a minute into the movie, the little kids got a big surprise. The images from the Disney film blurred and disappeared before being replaced with some X-rated footage of a couple having sex! 


When Brown heard some, uh, strange noises from the other room, she ran back in and turned it off. Though at first she believed her kids had accidentally changed the channel, she soon realized the recording was actually part of the Dish Network broadcast!  Woops!

Brown says the porn lasted about six minutes in total before returning to the family film and that the images were so upsetting to the children that the daughter began crying and her oldest son covered his ears before running out of the room.

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Aww those poor little kids! I can completely understand why the mom is so outraged. After all, you never want to expose your children to anything inappropriate, much less when you least expect it (like while watching a kids film).

But while I sympathize with the children and agree that Dish spokespeople owe the family a major apology, I also can't help finding the incident the teensiest bit funny. I mean, how in the heck did porn end up in the middle of a Disney movie anyway?!  It's just so bizarre!

Perhaps until they figure out the source of the problem, Dish users in the area should use DVDs or  (gasp!) books to entertain their kids…or at the very least, stick to Nickelodeon!

Image via Thinkstock, Disney

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