Watch two adorable kids rock out to 'Thriller!'

We've already proven that young kids love to dance... and it seems like the ones in this clip are no exception! As can be seen in the adorable video below, two children start hilariously bopping around to the classic Michael Jackson song, "Thriller."


As the infectious music plays (seriously, does not anyone not love that song?!), the cute little kids hop and attempt to do splits. But it seems like they can't keep up their dance for long. Instead, they turn it into a game of jumping on the bed. And can you blame them? It looks like fun! In fact, watching the video makes me miss being a kid. I'm pretty sure that when my sister and I were younger, we were just as hyper as these two seem to be!

Unfortunately, whoever was recording them was apparently not as vigilant as my own parents used to be. The litlle boy in the duo gets a bit too wild with his jumps and somehow manages to lose his balance in what is quite an, err, unexpected ending.

Watch the whole thing here:

Image via YouTube

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