How Jessica Alba teaches her daughters to give back!

Jessica Alba has already been recognized several times for co-founding The Honest Company and recently, the actress picked up yet another award for her charitable work. The Latina was honored at Self magazine's Women Doing Good Awards, where she dished on her eco-friendly efforts and how she teaches her daughters about helping others.


The Honest Company offers natural, non-toxic products baby products for environmentally-consciously parents, as well as assists various nonprofit companies in donating supplies to families in need. And at the awards ceremony, Alba talked to People about instilling those same do-good values in her children, particularly her older daughter, 4-year-old Honor.

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"I talk to Honor about not wasting and recycling. I talk to her about having so many things and that there are children out there who don't have the things she does," she said. Apparently those chats are working! Alba says that Honor has taken the lesson to heart and now gives her outgrown or unused toys to another child who might not have any.  

Aww! Isn't that sweet?! I absolutely LOVE that Alba takes the time to talk to her kids seriously not just about sharing, but about bigger lessons like helping those in need and being environmentally-friendly. After all, who knows? Hopefully, Honor will be able to follow in her mamá's footsteps and rack up some groundbreaking accomplishments of her own!

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