Mom gives up minivan, lugs all 6 kids on bike!

Can you imagine having 6 kids and having to haul them around in a bike? That's exactly what Portland mom Emily Finch does on a daily basis. The mom traded in her suburban minivan for a pedicab-type contraption because she felt she needed a change in her life. The bizarre bike contains an area in front which allows her to contain three children, a child seat, and an attached three wheeled bike. Her kids' ages range from 2 to 11 years old, which must make for interesting bike rides!

But what made Finch give up her minivan for a megabike? It's a truly inspirational story!


It all began after Finch rekindled her relationship with her father; the event inspired her to make a change in her life. Prior to that, the mom was depressed and knew she needed to get her groove back. So she did just that with this modified bike, called a Bakfiet!

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It's amazing how Finch manages to get around on that bike even when toting heavy groceries AND carrying her kids with her. Bungee cords are the secret to securing heavy cargo. Her husband still maintains his own car, but she refuses to look back and claims biking is what brought back her post-baby body (I can imagine with all that exercise!), helped her save money on gas and car bills, and brought her happy back.

Much like trying to pack kids into a minivan, getting them into the bike can be a hassle--especially mornings when they're throwing tantrums. Finch makes sure that they don't bike more than 20 miles per day because they get cranky and she's even made friends with many moms who bike.

I'd say her method is crazy--yet brilliant! It's pretty effective and even a great way to get kids to exercise. It's an even better way to save money and stay green. The only downside I could see is riding this thing when the weather gets a bit nasty.  Regardless, though, I'd say a lot of moms could learn something from Finch, her decision to be active to ward off the blues, and her unusual choice for transportation!

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