Rihanna offers to babysit Snooki's baby Lorenzo!

Everyone seems to be in love with Snooki's adorable new baby boy Lorenzo. Everyone, that is, including superstar Rihanna--who has actually offered to babysit the Chilean-born reality star's new tyke.

Isn't that cute? I mean, seriously, I actually wouldn't mind the singer babysitting my kid. It certainly shows a certain kind of sweetness in between the celebrities. I never would have pictured Rihanna to be the kind of girl to volunteer to babysit a new baby but, seriously, that's just really adorable!


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The exchange happened over Twitter, when the Latina star of the now-canceled Jersey Shore (whose final season is premiering October 4), Tweeted: "Rihanna's We Found Love will NEVER get old to me!! My song for life," which the singer replied to with a: "Thank u! Lemme know if u need a sitter."

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Seriously, I want Rihanna to babysit for ME! That's just awesome. Maybe she'll even be inspired to write a new song for Snooki's baby boy? I would love to hear a lullaby from Rihanna in honor of little Lorenzo. I mean, just look at the photo Snooki put on Instagram of her and her baby boy, with the words "I love you",  over the weekend and tell me your heart isn't melting too!

Image via Snooki/Twitter

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