Now that you know which baby products I love and have used again and again during the first 3 months of my child's life, I want to share which products I've deemed completely unnecessary. I'm a new mom and I don't claim to be the expert on all things baby, and of course you'll make the right decisions for your family, but if you're considering purchasing or registering for one of these five items, I strongly suggest that you don't. Instead, save the money for more useful or better quality items for your little one.

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The 5 most useless products for babies

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Pee-pee Teepee

These little cone-shaped swathes of fabric are just ridiculous. And yes, I’ve been peed on multiple times and it hasn’t changed my mind one bit. First off, babies are squirmy and they’ll likely knock the thing off right before they decide to do their business. In any case, I don’t see how that little tiny contraption is going to stand up to the powerful streams of baby pee I’ve experienced. If you really want to avoid the mess, throw a cloth diaper or absorbent wash cloth over the baby. Honestly, if you get a little sprayed on, it's no the end of the world!

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Add Comment Are there any other useless baby products I'm missing? Add to my list!

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