I have to admit that I have a bit of a bare bones philosophy when it comes to baby gear--I have no desire for every surface of my house to be covered in my son's paraphernalia. And honestly, I think a lot of new parents simply fall victim to very clever marketing campaigns that make them feel guilty for not purchasing all of the latest and greatest items for their little ones. Needless to say, my favorite baby products--those that we have used on a daily basis over the past three months--are not particularly fancy, however they are all especially practical and affordable. Check them out here and be sure to come back tomorrow to find out which products you absolutely don't need.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep 1

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Image via Toysrus.com

Cloud B makes a variety of sleep aids for infants and toddlers, but the Sleep Sheep may just be the most popular. Not only is it adorable and cuddly, but the four sounds it features are the least annoying and most natural I’ve heard on any sleep machine. We use it for naps and at bedtime, mainly as a sleep cue for my son. When the sheep goes on he recognizes that it’s time to sleep and I’m convinced that the soothing sounds have helped him transition from active sleep to deep sleep on many occasions. It’s also a great item to bring when you’re traveling overnight so that your little one has something familiar with him at bedtime. And if you find it too bulky for your luggage, the sound box can be removed from the plush animal for easy transport!

Cloud B Sleep Sheep, $29


Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion 2

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Image via Amazon.com

I received a single 8-ounce tube of this fragrance- and alcohol-free lotion as a gift and it has lasted over three months of near daily use. It’s really more of a cream than a lotion so a little goes a long way. And thanks to its gentle, oatmeal-based formula, I felt confident using it on my son’s delicate skin from day one.

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, $11


Dundee Mills Burp Cloths 3

Dundee Mills Burp Cloths

Image via Buybuybaby.com

I had never heard of Dundee Mills before I started my registry, but they were the only brand of cloth-diaper-type burp cloths I could find, so I went for them--and I’m so glad I discovered them. These super-absorbent cloths are inexpensive and work for a multitude of uses, from catching spit up to cleaning up those accidents I mentioned in my post on baby boys. I’ve even used one as a make-shift nursing cover!

Dundee Mills Burp Cloths, $10

Carter's White Bodysuits 4

Carter's White Bodysuits

Image via Buybuybaby.com

Everyone knows onesies are great for dressing young babies--they can be used as t-shirts, undershirts, and even pajamas. I particularly like the Carter’s brand. They are made out of extra-soft cotton and cut generously enough that my son has been wearing the three-month size from the time he was about two weeks old up until now.  I also love that they have short-sleeve, long-sleeve and sleeveless version--so you can choose which is most appropriate for the season your baby is born in.

Carter's White Silky Soft Bodysuits, $16


Baby Bjorn Carrier 5

Baby Bjorn Carrier

Image via Amazon.com

My son has absolutely loved his Baby Bjorn Original from the day he reached the eight-pound weight requirement. In the early days, we would take turns walking him around in it to put him to sleep and now we use it for both everyday outings and on our out-of-town travels. It’s also a life-saver when you need to get stuff done around the house and your baby is not in the mood to be put down. Some moms complain about back strain, but I haven’t really experienced this. Bonus: It’s easily adjustable so both mom and dad can use it without any hassle.

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original, $64