Horrible man handcuffs stepdaughter to radiator & cuts her with knives (VIDEO)

It seems like just when I start to regain my faith in humanity, another horrible parent, like 45-year-old Connecticut man, Craig Tracy Williams, comes along and makes me wonder what kind of world we live in. Williams was recently arrested for abusing his 9-year-old stepdaughter by handcuffing her to a radiator and cutting her with knives!

What a psychopath! But that's sadly not all...


Apparently, the young girl had run away from home and was wandering by herself in a park, covered in bruises and scars when the police found her.  After being questioned, the girl eventually admitted that her injuries were a result of her stepfather, who she said only beat her and not his biological children. How horrible!

Fortunately, officers were able to catch Williams last week at a gas station, where he was reportedly trying to leave town with the rest of the family. Isn't that awful? The entire family--including the little girls mom!--were actually trying to run away while this poor little girl was recovering in the hospital. He is now being held without bail and facing charges of second-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor.

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I'm just in shock that the girl's mother (Williams' wife) isn't also being charged! Where the heck was she while her daughter was being horrifically abused? Why did she not put a stop to it? If anything, she is just as much at fault at Williams is and should also be paying the consequences!

Still, I'm glad that the young girl is now out of harm's way and away from her cruel stepfather. I hope she remains safe and sound with loved ones who will actually take good care of her.

Image via Police Handout

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