Amazing parents donate one lung each to save son's life

It pretty much goes without saying that parents would do anything they can to protect their kids, but what if it involves giving up a vital organ? In an absolutely heartwarming story, two German parents each donated a lung to save the life of their son, 12-year-old Marius Schneider, who suffered from cystic fibrosis.


For months, the young boy had to wait for a donor as his health continued to quickly decline. Finally, his condition got so bad that doctors were forced to ask the parents for help. Luckily, both had compatible blood groups and were able to donate without issue. Now, after undergoing the country's first ever double living lung transplant, Marius is on his way to living a healthier, fuller life. His parents have also both recovered well.

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Wow, what an amazing story!  Having any type of surgery is never exactly easy, but can you imagine an entire family undergoing lung transplants? Though it must have been really difficult to manage, I'm sure that it's all made worth it every time that Marius' parents can look at their now-healthy son and know that they are the ones who gave him a second chance at life. And since they were all thankfully able to recuperate relatively quickly, they can now enjoy their time together as a family.

One thing is for sure--any kid with a dedicated mom and dad like Marius' should count themselves lucky.  Their brave actions are a real example of true parental love!

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