Mom gets $50 fine after her toddler pees on sidewalk. Really?

At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but it turns out it's totally true. Philadelphia mom Caroline Robboy says she got in trouble this past Sunday when she was out with her two boys, ages 2 and 9, and they had to use the restroom. When they were denied access to one at a nearby clothing store, her 2-year-old son Nathaniel decided to pee rear a lamp post when he couldn't hold it any longer. In return, Robboy got a $50 ticket and a lecture from the cop who fined her for public urination. Can you imagine?

As a mom of a 3-year-old whom I never thought I'd be able to potty train, I think this is both ridiculous and outrageous!


All I can think is that obviously the cop must not have any boys of his own because he would've know better. I mean, what was the little boy supposed to do? Pee on himself? The cop had the nerve to lecture Robboy by telling her that he had fined her "for her own protection" because who knew if there was "a pervert watching [her] son." Really?

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This whole incident made me realize that I must be very lucky because I had to resort to the same behavior while out with Santiago during his potty training days when there was absolutely no other option.

I'm not saying it's something to be done all the time, but an emergency is an emergency and I'm not about to let my son pee on himself to avoid some senseless fine.

Meanwhile, Robboy says she's fighting the fine... and I'm 100% behind her. I would do exactly the same!

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