World's cutest son fights to wear pink football gloves in honor of sick mom (VIDEO)

Julian Connerton could be the world's sweetest son! In a show of support for his mother, Mayra Cruz-Connerton, the 12-year-old New Jersey boy decided to wear pink gloves throughout football season. When his coach told him he wasn't allowed to because it violated the uniform policy, Connerton chose to stand up for his mom and promptly quit the team, declaring he wouldn't come back until he got an apology.  Awww!

Luckily, his bold actions caught the eye of local media…which then spurred the coach, Paul Burgan, to quickly retract his statement.


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Yesterday, Burgan apologized to Connerton and his family for the misunderstanding and asked the young boy to return to the team, pink gloves and all! "He did something 100 percent right. He stood up for his mother. That's what you want every kid to do," the coach said. 

I agree!  I think the gloves are such a sweet gesture on Connerton's part. Most 12-year-old boys wouldn't wear pink if you paid them to, but he is not only willing to wear them to support his mom, he is also willing to fight his coach and quit his team over them. So adorable!

I hope that when I have kids that they are as dedicated, loyal and brave as Connerton is!

Image via FOX 5

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