Awesome 5-year-old prefers rock & roll over throwing tantrums! (VIDEO)

Few 5-year-olds know the meaning of true rock and roll but little Aaralyn definitely does. Instead of screaming or throwing a tantrum like most kids do when they're upset, the young girl channels all of her feelings into hardcore-sounding music with her band Murp, as can be seen in the cute and kinda hilarious video below.  


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Apparently, Aaralyn formed Murp--which consists of her and her older brother, Izzy--when she was just three years old.  Ever since then, the two have created multiple songs, including the one in this clip called "Zombie Skin," which seems to include a lot of raspy shouting on Aaralyn's part and a lot of drum banging on Izzy's.

They are just "two little kids trying to make sense of this big screaming at it," their dad says.

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Watching them, I can't help but laugh. I mean, come on, they might be loud but these kids are badass… not to mention wise beyond their years. After all, doesn't every seasoned artist credit their own emotions as inspiration for their music?

Plus, you gotta give credit to those parents for putting up with their at-home band practices!


What do you think of this video? Would you ever let your kids create this kind of music? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via YouTube