8-year-old boy steals mom's car & goes for joyride! (VIDEO)

The art of parenting isn't one that's easy to master for anyone, especially when your kids seem to have a taste for adventure. Take the case of 8-year-old Andrew Letts, a young boy who apparently has such a wild streak that he somehow managed to steal his mother's car and take it for a joy ride around his New York state neighborhood!


The young boy was able to drive without incident for approximately half a mile before he ran into trouble. While attempting to head back home, Letts drove over the curb, knocked over a stop sign, and hit a fire hydrant before finally parking the car…on his neighbor's lawn. Uh-oh!

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Thankfully, Letts returned safe and unharmed, which I'm sure his mother--who had called the police after seeing both her son and vehicle missing--was very grateful for. But unfortunately, it's not all good news for Letts' parents. Though the local authorities decided not to press charges against the boy, the family will likely have to pay for all of the damages caused by their son's little adventure.

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WOW! Can you imagine realizing that your 8-year-old kid just drove himself around the block?! If that had been my child, I think I would have cried and hugged and kissed him in relief...and then grounded him for life! 

 What would you do if your child pulled this stunt? Tell us in the comments below! 

Image via WIBV

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