Michelle Obama shares her rules for being Mom-in-Chief

We already know that First Lady Michelle Obama is an inspiration to kids in many ways, but it looks like the Mom-in-Chief runs a tight ship when it comes to raising her own daughters. The New York Times recently released a list of parenting rules that the Obamas have 11-year-old Sasha and 14-year-old Malia follow and one thing is for sure--they might be living in the White House, but those girls are definitely not spoiled!


As expected, the First Lady, who is known for her Let's Move! Campaign against childhood obesity, is vigilant when it comes to her children's eating habits. Both girls have to eat their vegetables and cannot ask for snacks--like chips and cookies--once they are full. Yikes, sounds a little strict, especially for someone with a taste for chocolate like myself! Then again, I guess there is something to be said about cultivating healthy eating early on rather than waiting until later.

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And the monitoring only continues from there. According to the article, Michelle and President Obama also forbid Malia and Sasha from watching TV or using their computer during the week unless it's for homework purposes. The same weekend-only rule applies for cell-phones, which only Malia has since she's older. WOW! Forget what I said about the snacks rule being strict--this I would DEFINITELY find impossible…and I'm an adult!

Other requirements for the girls include having to write reports after every trip they take (which I think is a fair trade since the two get to travel way more than the average kids do) and being involved in at least two sports, one of their own choosing and one handpicked by their mom (not as fair--as the clumsiest, least athletic person in the universe, I stand firmly by the belief that not everyone was meant to do sports).

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Still regardless of the fact that I think some of the rules are a little too overbearing, I have to give credit where credit is due--it's not easy for any parent to maintain their children on an organized, effective schedule, but the First Lady seems to be able to do that without blinking an eye. Though the girls might be living a life that is significantly less "normal" than their peers of the same age, it's clear that they are still learning the value of hard work. 

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Image via The White House/flickr

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