Fake Facebook profile helps rapist lure victim to her death (VIDEO)

In absolutely horrifying news, 30-year-old Texas man Franklin Davis, has been charged with capital murder after killing 16-year-old Shania Gray, a teenager whom he was accused of raping two years ago. To make matters even more terrifying, Davis reportedly got a hold of Gray only after posing as her friend--and possible crush--on Facebook!


According to police, Davis created a fake Facebook profile and pretended to be a teenager with a crush on Gray in order to arrange a meeting with her. He picked her up at school and less than an hour later, killed in her a local park.

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At the time, Davis was already facing four counts of sexual assault after raping Gray while she babysat his kids two years before. Now, authorities and Gray's family believe he killed the teenager in order to prevent her from testifying at the trial, which was set to take place in October.

The whole case is so horrible, I can't even wrap my mind around it. I just keep thinking about that poor young girl and her family, who must be so devastated to know that the same despicable lowlife is responsible for not only raping Gray, but also taking her life.

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And the fact that he was able to find her through Facebook is absolutely petrifying. The tragedy serves as yet another reminder to parents of just how important it is to stay vigilant about our children's online activities and to make them aware of the dangers of the cyber world.

I just hope Davis gets the punishment that he deserves and send my thoughts and prayers to Gray's loved ones!

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Images via Carrollton Police Department

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