Mom breaks out into hilarious happy dance as kids go back to school (VIDEO)

Attempting to keep your kids busy and entertained all summer is a difficult task for any parent…which is exactly why Massachusetts mother of two, Tracy Moutafis, was ecstatic when back-to-school season finally arrived! As can be seen in this HILARIOUS video, Moutafis is SO excited to send her two boys back into the care of their teachers that she literally breaks out into a happy dance as they get on the bus!


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As Moutafis stands in the street and watches 11-year-old George and 9-year-old Angelo board the bus, she spins, claps, and kicks her feet in tune to the upbeat song, "Celebration." In fact, she is so thrilled that even after the bus speeds away, she continues to do her little jig for a couple of minutes! But don't go feeling too embarrassed for her kids--this is reportedly the fourth year in a row that Moutafis has conducted her dance and she says her boys love it!

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What a funny and adorable tradition! Not to mention one that I'm sure every mom can relate to 'cause, come on, what parent hasn't felt at least a slight sense of relief at the end of summer? Though my own mom and dad never actually revealed any signs of extreme happiness upon my return to school, it would not surprise me in the slightest if they actually broke out into song and dance the minute I left the house…and when I have kids, I'm pretty positive that I'll do the exact same thing!

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